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We are into software development since the last Millennium, have seen a lot from small blogs, through e-commerce to high traffic services. Always on the bleeding edge, but also experienced with maintaining ancient technology stacks.

We have multiple in-house projects, but always open for consulting about your problems!


Our strength lays in web application development, mostly with PHP backend and nodeJS, presented to the user by a web browser with native markup, styling and client-side magic (HTML5, CSS, JS).


PHP is our native language since 4.0, Javascript is our second, some work done in C++, Java, Scala, Dart and Go, always interested about new comers.
We are familiar with FP, OOP and a lot of other uppercase sequences: CI, CD, DI, DRY, GRASP, KISS, SOLID, ADR, MVC, HMVC, RTFM, ....

Huge fans of testing (TDD, Codeception), static code analysis and quality metrics (SonarQube, CodeSniffer, phpmetrics).


We know how to store data in a relational way (MySQL, MSSQL, PgSQL) efficiently, what to do with flexible documents in a semi-structured format (MongoDB), how to deal with vast amounts of individual data (Cassandra, CouchDB, Riak), how to speed up services (Memcache, Redis, Aerospike), how to make the data flow (AMQP, RabbitMQ) between systems.

100% Uptime

It's a dream, but we know how to go beyond a single server and design systems that can heal and process any amount of traffic by load balancing, monitoring and scaling each part as needed, automatically.
Keywords: floating public IP, TCP proxy (LVS, HAProxy) with heartbeat, SSL termination (nginx), load balancing, single responsibility services (MicroServices PHP/nodeJS), application clustering, database replication (multi-master, master-slave).

Privacy and security is key, that's why we force HTTPS for all of our services. Everything is firewalled in the infrastructure, only designed and approved traffic is allowed.


Atlassian products support our workflow: Confluence for documentation, Jira Agile for task management, Stash for source code version controlling, Bamboo for code build and deployment and HipChat for communication.


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Review and optimize SDLC with custom baked Agile methodologies and proper tooling.
Covering the full process from the first idea to maintaining production.
Backend system design
Create new system design based on business requirements or
Review and optimize existing services.

Work in progress

Open Source

Not much here at the moment, but we will start publishing some internally developed and used tools and applications in the following weeks to our place on GitHub.

Closed Source

We have designed and developed tons of applications for our employers in the last 2 decades, most of them will remain in private, others will be listed here.

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